Bug#800454: yoshimi: please remove unused build-dep on libjpeg9-dev

Jaromír Mikeš mira.mikes at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 21:47:37 UTC 2015

2015-09-29 23:02 GMT+02:00 Graham Inggs <ginggs at debian.org>:
> On 29 September 2015 at 22:05, Jaromír Mikeš <mira.mikes at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hmm ... any idea from which version of cmake or fltk is this fixed?
>> Would be great to tighten build-deps ... especially for backporting
> No idea, sorry.

Hmm ... me neither ... I will upload with no versioned build-deps ...
Hopefully I will not add some extra work to back porters


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