My Dearest One,

JELLENA GIGGS jellenagiggs01 at
Tue May 3 16:25:56 UTC 2016

My Dearest One,

I am Mrs Jellena Giggs from Cote d' lvoire. I am a widow being that I lost
my husband a couple of years ago. My husband was a serving director of the
Cocoa exporting board until his death .

He was poisen by his closer friend in the year 2009. Before his death he
had an account with a well known bank here in lvory coast up to the sum of
Eight million Five hundreed Thousand U.S Dollars($8.5m) which he told the
bank was for the importation of cocoa processing machines. l want you to do
me a favour to receive this funds to a safe account in your country or in
any safer place as our foreign trustee since my husband is no more alive, i
have plans to do investment in your country, like real estate and
industrial production. This is my reason of writing to you.

Please if you are willing to assist me and my only son Johnson Giggs,
indicate your interest in replying soonest, please do contact me via
jellenagiggs at

Thanks and God bless,
Best regards,
Mrs Jellena Giggs and Johnson(Son).
Tel - 0022565159965.
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