RFS: audacious/3.6.2-2~bpo8+1 and audacious-plugins/3.6.2-2~bpo8+1

Nicholas D Steeves nsteeves at gmail.com
Thu May 5 03:19:01 UTC 2016

Hi Mateusz,

On 2 May 2016 at 03:34, Mateusz Łukasik <mati75 at linuxmint.pl> wrote:
> On 02.05.2016 02:06 +0200, Nicholas D Steeves wrote:
>> This is question I've been trying to answer:  How do you detach from
>> HEAD?  I read a possibly obsolete article that said to add the caret
>> symbol at the end of the branch do do this.  Is this not the case?  Is
>> it rather "git checkout master^0"?  And in this case, isn't it more
>> appropriate to to do "git checkout --detach debian/3.7.2-1".
> I will fix that.
> The best way is creating jessie branch and prepare backport there.

Thank you very much for fixing the mess I made.  To maintain this
backport, is the following sequence of commands appropriate?:

git checkout --detach --rebase debian/version-revision
(make changes)
git-buildpackage --git-tag
git status
git add (changed files, usually just debian/changelog)
git push remotes/origin/jessie-backports


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