supercollider is marked for autoremoval from testing

Felipe Sateler fsateler at
Tue May 10 00:17:17 UTC 2016

On 9 May 2016 at 11:20, Hanno Zulla <abos at> wrote:
> Hi,
>> Felipe is correct - 3.7.0 is on track, and looking good IMHO.

Looks good, except that for some reason, the ide icon does not display
correctly on my kde system. It displays as a small point in the upper
left corner. Can anyone else see this?

If I change the desktop file to use supercollider.png, then the
problem goes away. Maybe the svg file has something funky?

I'd say this is relatively minor, so I'm uploading anyway.

Also, if someone with more dep5 skills can take a look at the
following lintian warnings it would be great (AFAICT, the file is ok
by content, only the format may be a bit wrong).

W: supercollider source: dep5-copyright-license-name-not-unique
(paragraph at line 271)
W: supercollider source: dep5-copyright-license-name-not-unique
(paragraph at line 296)
W: supercollider source: missing-license-paragraph-in-dep5-copyright
lgpl-2.1+ (paragraph at line 212)
W: supercollider source: missing-license-paragraph-in-dep5-copyright
bsl-1.0 (paragraph at line 166)

> That's great.
> We probably should keep in mind that after the release of supercollider
> 3.7.0, the supercollider-sc3-plugins source package needs a minor
> version bump too, to get its binaries compiled against the new
> supercollider-dev package.

Why does it need a minor version bump? As IOhannes says, the libraries
should have SONAME bumped if they broke compat.


Felipe Sateler

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