Bug#825140: vlc: freezes playing and fast-forwarding MKV File

Sebastian Ramacher sramacher at debian.org
Tue May 24 07:33:53 UTC 2016


On 2016-05-24 02:49:47, Maria wrote:
> whenever I try to play a MKV File (MPEG-4p10/AVC/h.264  Codec ID:
> V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC), it starts showing the first one or two seconds, then
> switching black. The time counter still moves forward and so does the sound as
> it is in a different track (Spur) and therefore working. When I fast-forward to
> a later part of the video it shows the time of the part where I first clicked
> but then nothing happens anymore. Neither the sound nor the time counter are
> working. The menues are responding but hitting quit vlc in the menue or Ctrl+q
> has no effect. Only possibillity to end is to kill vlc.
> This happens every time.
> I tried the same Video with Dragon Player 15.08.3 and it shows video and plays
> audio correctly. But there the video overlaps the screen somehow making it
> impossible to use menues as these are overlapped by the video.
> VLC also refused to play other MKV Files before.
> It plays FLV Files but refuses to adapt the size of the video (as they have low
> resolution it results in a tiny video window even in fullscreen mode).


> libva info: VA-API version 0.39.0
> libva info: va_getDriverName() returns 0
> libva info: Trying to open /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/i965_drv_video.so
> libva info: Found init function __vaDriverInit_0_39
> libva info: va_openDriver() returns 0
> [00007f99f4001208] vdpau_avcodec generic debug: video surface limits: 1920x1080
> [00007f99f4001208] vdpau_avcodec generic debug: decoder profile limits: level 51 mb 16384 2048x2048
> [00007f99f4001208] core generic debug: using hw decoder module "vdpau_avcodec"
> [00007f9a14c11108] avcodec decoder: Using OpenGL/VAAPI/libswscale backend for VDPAU for hardware decoding.

Ah, as suspected: that is libvdpau-va-gl1's fault. You can either force vlc to
use VA-API for hardware decoding or remove libvdpau-va-gl1.

The remaining question is: if you remove libvdpau-va-gl1 does the other issues
vanish as well?

Sebastian Ramacher
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