general: Please add ISSE to Debian repositories

trebmuh at trebmuh at
Tue May 24 12:34:24 UTC 2016

Hi there,

copying the multimedia team in there since they could have some interest 
on it.

I've been using ISSE a few months ago (so the same version than the one 
currently available). From memories (I could be wrong here) :
1) it is crashing every now and then, especialy when trying to click 
everywhere when it's computing the sound file, so can be considered 
unstable (one bad point here)
2) it's dead upstream since it was a students thesis - or something 
similar - project (second bad point here)  but I didn't try to contact 
those ex-students to check if they would have some interest in pushing 
forward the developement,
3) it is the only application doing the job that I'm aware of which is, 
for me, trashing the 2 bad points.

My conclusion is : it could be really great to get it into debian.

I think I saw somewhere (a someone personal repo) a package of it once 
but can't remember where. I can find to dig back further in my brain if 
that can be of help. Please let me know.


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