Bug#825760: kodi: Crash on startup when connecting to CEC adapter

Bálint Réczey balint at balintreczey.hu
Sun May 29 20:37:33 UTC 2016

Hi Torsten,

2016-05-29 21:17 GMT+02:00 Torsten Crass <torsten.crass at ebiology.de>:
> OK,
> maybe I was a little dumb... The crash symptoms I described in my initial
> report resulted from an attempt to reproduce the problem by remotely calling
> kodi through an ssh connection. I don't know how cec actually interacts with
> an application, but maybe it just didn't feel comfortable with the UI
> running on a different physical machine.
> Anyway, when firing up kodi locally on the actual HTPC, the crash on launch
> is caused by an
> 21:06:38 T:140259291035840   ERROR: SQL: SQL error or missing database
>                                             Query: SELECT idVersion FROM
> version
> So... should I vote for closing this bug and open a new one, or shall we
> proceed under #825760?

I have just uploaded kodi 16.1+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1 to jessie-backports which
is built with latest libcec thus fixes the crash due to the ABI breakage and
probably other bugs.

Please don't open bugs affecting package versions in jessie-backports,
use the backports mailing list for reporting such issues:

OTOH if you can reproduce an issue with packages from testing/unstable only,
please open a bug report in the BTS like this one.

Also note that the packages from deb-multimedia can interfere with packages
from Debian, thus systems having those installed are not supported here.

The kodi-pvr-mythtv package will be available from jessie-backports in
the next weeks.


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