Bug#839354: guitarix: FTBFS: ../src/gx_head/engine/ladspaback.cpp:1625:61: error: no match for 'operator!=' (operand types are 'Glib::RefPtr<Gio::FileInfo>' and 'int')

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Tue Oct 4 03:54:20 UTC 2016

> > ../src/gx_head/engine/ladspaback.cpp:1625:61: error: no match for 'operator!=' (operand types are 'Glib::RefPtr<Gio::FileInfo>' and 'int')
> >          while ((file_info = child_enumeration->next_file()) != 0) {
> >                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~


Even if I cant reproduce the build failure here locally, I notice that 
the comparison against 0 isn't really needed.

Find attached a patch to fix that.

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