Bug#840836: ardour: please point to harvid

Arturo Borrero Gonzalez arturo at debian.org
Sat Oct 15 12:48:31 UTC 2016

For the record, this is the ardour log console:

[WARNING]: The external video server 'harvid' can not be found.
The tool is included with the Ardour releases from ardour.org,
alternatively you can download it from http://x42.github.com/harvid/
or acquire it from your distribution.

see also http://manual.ardour.org/video-timeline/setup/
[WARNING]: ffmpeg installation was not found on this system.
Ardour requires ffmpeg and ffprobe from ffmpeg.org - version 1.1 or newer.
Video import and export is not possible until you install tools.

The tools are included with the Ardour releases from ardour.org and
also available with the video-server at http://x42.github.com/harvid/

Important: the files need to be installed in $PATH and named
ffmpeg_harvid and ffprobe_harvid.
If you already have a suitable ffmpeg installation on your system, we
recommend creating symbolic links from ffmpeg to ffmpeg_harvid and
from ffprobe to ffprobe_harvid.

see also http://manual.ardour.org/video-timeline/setup/

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