Transitioning mplayer2 users to mpv

James Cowgill jcowgill at
Sun Oct 23 13:10:54 UTC 2016


On 22/10/16 22:43, Nicholas D Steeves wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 10:56:21PM +0100, James Cowgill wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Recently on IRC, uau suggested that instead of transitioning mplayer2
>> users to mplayer, they should be transitioned to mpv instead. The
>> reasons for this include: mpv being a fork of mplayer2 (thus retaining
>> mplayer2 specific functionality), and mpv being much more actively
>> developed than mplayer.
>> I happen to think this is a good idea. Does anyone have any opinions
>> about it?
>> The plan would be:
>> Add an mplayer2 transitional package to mpv with an epoched version
>> (probably 3:<mpv version>) and containing a symlink from mplayer to mpv.
>> The package would need to conflict/replaces/provides mplayer, like
>> mplayer2 did before it was removed. Then remove the old transitional
>> package from mplayer and revert the old conflicts/replaces the package
>> had. Once stretch is released, the mplayer2 package can be dropped.
>> James
> I agree that this is a good idea!  Do you think this would need to be
> documented in NEWS?  The reason I ask is that IIRC the command line
> arguments use a different syntax and a silent transition could break
> custom command aliases.  Also, it's nice to be made aware when the
> location of configuration changes. (eg: ~/.mplayer | ~/.mplayer2 ->
> ~/.config/mpv)

I've added what I have so far to the 'mplayer2-transitional' branch in
the mpv git repo. It now has a NEWS file.

> The only regression I'm aware of is that at some point after I
> transitioned to mpv, mpv broke and/or removed the bs2b (binaural
> crossfeed audio filter for use with headphones).

Support for libbs2b was removed in mpv 0.11. Quoting the release notes:
audio/filter: remove center, extrastereo, karaoke, sinesuppress, sub,
surround, sweep, ladspa, hrtf, export and bs2b filters (these are
either considered useless or have replacements in lavfi)

> Has anybody tested compatibility with front-ends like gnome-mplayer
> or smplayer?

gnome-mplayer was removed from stretch
smplayer from stretch uses mpv directly


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