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>From Faith Adelh

Dear nice meeting you, i decide to contact you because i need your urgent 
help.  First and foremost, my name is Faith Adelh,  I am presently in Cote 
D' Ivoire since the death of my late father who is Ivorian, while my mother 
is from Toulouse France, both of them Married when my father was residing 
in Toulouse France though, the marriage did not last long because my mother 
died when i was only 5 years old.

My father was a successful and wealthy business man who deals on 
Importation of Aluminum and Iron Steel Company here in the city of Abidjan 
Cote D' Ivoire before his death on 30th August 2014 as result of diabetes. 
Now his business has been claimed by his brothers, they don't even care 
about me as the daughter, but this does not bother me because my father 
told me in the hospital before he died that he deposited sum of money worth 
$7,500,000.00 (Seven million, five hundred thousand American dollars) in a 
bank, which made me his next of kin who shall inherit the money in future. 
He also warned me to relocate out of this country Cote D' Ivoire because, 
his brothers are evil and greedy, and they can hurt me because of this 

My Dear, the reason for contacting you today is to ask for your help to 
stand behind me as my foreign partner to claim this money from the bank and 
transfer it to your account so that i will relocate over to your country 
and settle down in your country and you will also help me to invest that 
money wisely in a good venture so i can have a great future.

My dear, after the transfer of the money to your account i promise to give 
you 20% of the total money for all your effort in helping me out of this 
condition. Please reply me back so i can give you more details about this 
fund in the bank.

God blessing be upon you for helping me.
Thank and have a nice day.

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