liblrdf 0.5.0 in experimental

Jonas Smedegaard dr at
Fri Jan 6 13:10:00 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I have just now released new upstream version 0.5.0 of liblrdf, but only 
to experimental for now - for two reasons:

  * Links against libssl
  * _ldrf_md5_* symbols are gone

The libssl linking affects licensing, but I might be able to avoid 
it (by using a later git snapshot which addresses this upstream).

The missing symbols start with _ so should ideally not be used anyhwhere 
- but I would really appreciate if the reverse depdencies could be 
tested that they properly work as-is (i.e. without recompilation).

I need your help: Please install liblrdf 0.5.0 from experimental, and 
test that the following packages continue to work:

  * ardour
  * composite
  * guitarix
  * rosegarden
  * sonic-visualiser
  * terminatorx


 - Jonas

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