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Dear ,
      Please, you have to pay proper attention and read this my message to you; so that you will  have the clear understanding of what i really mean to you ok .
     I'm by name Dr. Wajid Nuwaisir the Director General Foreign Accounts and Auditing Department (DG-FAAD) of The African Bank (T A B) Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso .

     I want to do business with you worth sum of $57.8 Million USD. I have $52.8 Million USD in my position which i want to transfer into your bank account. This fund was deposited with the management of our bank in two different bank accounts by two foreign late customers of our bank. $32 Million USD and $20.8 Million USD. And also gold worth sum of $5 Million USD .So i want you to help me in receiving this two funds with your receiving bank accounts .

     This two foreign customers of our bank are two brothers and business partners .And both of them died together in their private jet that crashed in the year 2004. And since their death for more than 11 years no body has ever applied to the management of our bank for the claiming of this total funds and gold which they deposited with the management .

    So as a banker and one of the top directors working in the same bank, this proved to me clearly  that the two late customers deposited this two funds and gold with the management of our bank without the consent of any body .Please, i want you to help me in receiving this two funds into your bank accounts and also the gold for our own good and both families ok .

     Please, you should not be afraid of any thing in this my project; because i will make sure that i perfect every of our dealings to our favour so that we will not have any problem on and after we received the two funds and gold successful completed under your care and control ok .

      I have already made up my mind to share this two funds and gold with you in the following sharing ratios: $25.3 Million USD of this two fund total $52.8 Million USD is for you for helping in receiving this money and $27.5 Million USD is for me. And gold of $2 Million USD also for you and gold of $3 Million USD for me. If you agree with me in this sharing ratios ,then please kindly respond to me immediately through this my private e-mail address below :-

wajidnuwaisir at

     And include your private telephone number ,so that i will send to you immediately the details concerning this my project for our proceeding without delaying .Because the management of our bank in our last top directors meeting after the annual general audting for the year 2016, have concluded that if no body apply to our bank for the claiming of this two funds and gold within this quarter of this year 2017,that the management will allow the two funds to enter into the Central Bank Treasury Account as an unclaimed funds. This is according to the banking policy .

      And i don't ever want this two funds to enter the central bank treasury account as an unclaimed fund, because frankily speaking i am in the good position to get this two funds be transferred out of our bank to your bank accounts without any problem. And also the gold. I want you to know that the management of our bank is not going to transfer the whole of this fund $52.8 Million USD at once into your bank account, but will transfer it in the splitions . And also be rest assured that this my project will be done successfully without you and me encountering any problem .

     Please, i want you to kindly reply immediately to enable me know your stand and the next thing for me to do without delaying ok .Because i needed not delaying in this my project .I hope you do understand my explanations very well .

I'm waiting for your prompt answer ok .

Yours Faithfully,
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