Bug#853271: i965-va-driver upstream project has moved to Github from Freedesktop.org

Sean V Kelley sean.v.kelley at intel.com
Mon Jan 30 23:46:31 UTC 2017

Package: i965-va-driver
Version: 1.7.3-1

I'm a maintainer of upstream intel-vaapi-driver.  I have moved our project from
freedesktop.org to github.com.

Wiki location has moved to: https://01.org/linuxmedia/vaapi

Intel driver project has moved to https://github.com/01org/intel-vaapi-driver

Use https://github.com/01org/intel-vaapi-driver/issues/new to file
bugs on the intel-vaapi-driver github site

Packages will need to be updated to pull source from the new github
repos mentioned above.



Sean V. Kelley <sean.v.kelley at intel.com>
Open Source Technology Center / SSG
Intel Corp.

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