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Thu Mar 2 17:55:43 UTC 2017

[][][] Inter-chat, the user-friendly community ![][] Hi pkg-multimedia-maint,

Regularly we offer VIP access to members of Inter-chat to introduce them the
website potential.

Now it's your turn to enjoy it for two weeks !
You have therefore access to the VIP circle starting today :-)

Click here to enjoy it !

Here are the functions of the website that you can use now : * Adding new photos (a total of 50 !)
 * Hiding messages that you write to members
 * Deleting the messages that you want to
 * Chatt with your webcam
 * Appearing on top of the online people list
 * Publis your mini profile on the first page of the site
 * Create your photo albums and share them with your friends
 * Consulting all the statistics of your profile
 * Put short messages on every page of the site
 * Ban anyone from your profile
 * See all online members with their photos
 * Access to all the animated smilleys
 * And far more...

Click here to go on Inter-chat
You get this notification following your registration to the site
under the nickname pkg-multimedia-maint[][][][]
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