Bug#858696: forked-daapd: Unable to launch forked-daapd

James Cowgill jcowgill at debian.org
Wed Mar 29 10:21:12 UTC 2017

Control: retitle -1 forked-daapd: systemd service does not start automatically
Control: tags -1 confirmed


On 25/03/17 11:02, Len Huppe wrote:
> Package: forked-daapd
> Version: 24.2-1
> Severity: important
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> The daemon started up ok when I did the install, but it will not start when I
> boot. I tried running "service start forked-daapd" from a terminal but I get
> "start: unrecognized service" every time.

The command you want "systemctl start forked-daapd".

You are correct that the systemd service file does not start
automatically. This is probably because the rules file is missing a
"--with systemd" which is necessary for debhelper to do this, or
alternatively use compat 10 which enables this sequence by default.

As a workaround, just execute "systemctl enable forked-daapd" after
installing the package.


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