audacity package review

Jaromír Mikeš mira.mikes at
Wed Nov 8 09:15:47 UTC 2017


I am now quite happy with state of Audacity package, but there are still
couple of things on which I would like to hear some opinions.

1) Audacity builds now only against modified in-tree portaudio ... I
discussed that on audacity list and it should be fixed in future.
Is that stopper for uploading audacity?

2) Similar story with sbsms ... difference is that this changes in in-tree
sbsms has been made by original upstream author of sbsms,
but for some reason never released new sbsms.
Is this stopper for uploading?
Maybe we can ask later audacity devs to maintain sbsms in separate repo and
encourage sbsms maintainer to switch to this source.

3) Audacity has a lot of bugs filled (69)... most of them are upstream
Is there some reason able way how to deal with upstream bugs?
I believe that big number of them is fixed after two releases.

Maybe we could also encourage users to use Audacity bug tracker rather.

Maybe this can be done by debian/bug-presubj file similar like
git-buildpackage package does it. (Assuming that most people using
Reportbug tool)

best regards

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