libva versioning and rolling stable to 1.8.3(-2) ?

James Cowgill jcowgill at
Thu Nov 9 16:32:52 UTC 2017


On 09/11/17 16:15, Miguel Casas-Sanchez wrote:
> This is a question about libva package (
> -- I see stable is 1.7.3 and testing is 2.0.0-1 but there's a versioned
> link 1.8.3 in between, are there any plans/timeline to roll the latter to
> stable...? Or even to jump to 2.0.0 ?
> I declare that I'm a noob on Debian rolling process, so this question might
> be irrelevant.

The versions newer that stable (1.8.3 and 2.0.0) will not be migrated
into stable because the idea of stable is that it doesn't have any major
modifications which might break things.

The reason you see a 1.8.3 package is due to libva currently being in a
package transition (where other packages are moving from libva 1.8.3 to
libva 2.0.0). The archive has a feature called "smooth transitions"
where it keeps both the old and new versions around until the transition
is finished. It should disappear when the transition completes and the
old version is no longer needed.


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