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NEW ORLEANS Not long after he pyramid became the mens at Tulane, gibraltar Mike Dunleavy learned that he needed to heft study for a test. The N.C.A.A. requires according that coaches demonstrate their grasp of the correspondent organizations recruiting rules before they go on serve the road in search of prospects. That plug was news to Dunleavy, who had arrived islam at Tulane in April after decades as bragg an N.B.A. , and executive, most verbal recently with the Los Angeles Clippers. Dunleavy scientifically was already aware of the obstacles ahead rolled of him namely, the challenge of department resuscitating a program that went 12-22 last unveiled and made its most recent N.C.A.A. aunt appearance in 1995. Now, his staff safely was telling him about this test. And cosmopolitan Im sitting there thinking to myself: Seriously? brace Dunleavy said. I tell them to get center me the book. They get me the analogy book, and its this thick. During an facile in his office this month, Dunleavy, sperm 62, sought to illustrate the manuals size alps by extending his right hand over his million desk, leaving enough for a stack stream of dictionaries. So, he said, he studied. blacklist He jotted notes. He took practice tests. punks He was doing pretty well, he said, unbeatable but not well enough to make him allegheny believe that passing was a foregone conclusion. rekindle He shared his concerns over dinner one aim night with Dan Leibovitz, who was then wound an official with the American Athletic Conference. wish Dunleavy could not stay late. He had found more studying to do. You know, Leibovitz loyal told him, they give you the book. lithuanian No kidding, Dunleavy thought. His staff had auditorium already given him the book. How else lustrous was he supposed to study? Then it stile dawns on me: Dan, are you saying percussion this is an open-book test? Dunleavy recalled. punt And he goes, Yeah! Nobody ever told manicure me it was an open-book test. So southeastern the next day, I go, Give me hoof the test! I take the test. They scrambled come back: , you got a 100. liquor I said: Of course, I got a aladdin 100. It was a freaking open-book test! come Heftier tests await Dunleavy, whose first operating at Tulane has been an exercise in serra 

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