Request to join the team

Gabor Karsay gabor.karsay at
Sat Nov 25 10:16:41 UTC 2017

Dear Debian Multimedia Maintainers,

I'd like to join the team to help with packaging and also to get some 
help with my own package. I'm the upstream author and maintainer of 
Parlatype which was kindly reviewed by Juhani Numminen and Ross Gammon 
and sponsored by Ross. It would be nice if it could be included in 

I have some knowledge in C (in combination with GObject/GTK+), autotools 
and a bit of Python. I learned it myself, I didn't visit a technical 
school or university.

I used to package my own program for a while (for private/learning 
purposes and in launchpad). I started originally with Ubuntu, now my 
primary distro is Debian stable (actually still oldstable) and unstable 
next to it. I'm familiar with git, but I didn't use it for packaging 
yet, so the workflow of git-buildpackage is new for me.

I'd like to help with some "easy" packages for the start, small 
applications, no libraries. I spotted some of them, for example devede. 
I also noticed a lot of packages with uscan errors which seems like a 
good task for the start.

I'm subscribed to pkg-multimedia-maintainers, pkg-multimedia-commits, I 
have an Alioth account, I'm kind of familiar with the technical side of 
managing bugs (but less with the policy, e.g. are bugs closed when fixed 
in unstable, testing or stable?), I agree to review other's patches and 
packages although I think others probably know better than me.

Like most humans I have limited free time, my contributions would be 
occasional but I'm confident that both the team and me would benefit 
from membership.

Best regards,

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