FW:Invoice Balance Payment Wire Transfer Slip Copy

Piotrek Konrad accounts at kompanialesna.pl
Wed May 8 17:19:11 BST 2019


You are expecting a payment from your client as agreed to be 
arranged after the holidays.

Your client has advised us to make payment to your account on 
their behalf to your bank details provided.

 As instructed, funds has been transfered to your account this 
morning via SWIFT.

Details are as below and a receipt of payment is attached. Kindly 
check for any irregularities.

Interbank TransferBeneficiary 
Contact Person: pkg-multimedia-
maintainers at lists.alioth.debian.org
Referance Number: 059235
Transaction Status: Successful
 Transaction Date/Time: 07-05-2019 09:18:55
Transaction Description: Balance/Final Payment 
>From Account: 3105234819
Amount: 49,650
Currecny: EUR
Bank Charges:$146.05

Best Regards,

Mr. Romy Frago
Accounts Payable
14, Third Lok Yang Road Singapore 628008
Tel: (65) 6473 4501 ,Fax: (65) 6473 4509
E-mail: account at hhhmarine.com.sg
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