Job vacancy notification

Chevron HR, Employment admin at
Tue May 14 08:00:29 BST 2019

We are currently hiring foreign international reputable and experienced applicants. We hire applicants with educational and job experience in one of the following areas: 
* Earth science (geology, geophysics, drilling) 
* Engineering (petroleum, completion, facilities, process, reliability) 
* Operations and Maintenance 
* Human Resources
* Nurse/Physician 
* Finance and Accounting 
* Health, Environment and Safety 
* Sales and Marketing
* Process Apprentices (Pembroke Refinery) 
* IT/Communications. 
Note: Applicants can apply from any country, we will provide an official Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) to secure visa for any qualified applicant. Training, accommodation and plane 
ticket will be provided by the company. if you are interested kindly apply by sending your CV/résumé to info at

David Anderson
Recruitment & Selection Team Lead
Chevron Corporation London United Kingdom.

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