Fwd: xcfa: freedb.org is down.

Carl-Clemens Ebinger post at ebinger.cc
Sun Jan 24 13:19:14 GMT 2021

Hello list,

some minutes ago I wrote Claude Bullin.

The reason: Freedb.org is down.

It is not possible, to use gnudb.org-servers instead.

I guess, there is need for a new release of xcfa.

Who is able to do some changes on the source-code?

Should I try changes?

Carl-Clemens Ebinger (CCE)

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Subject: 	xcfa: freedb.org is down.
Date: 	Sun, 24 Jan 2021 14:15:58 +0100
From: 	Carl-Clemens Ebinger <post at ebinger.cc>
To: 	Claude Bulin <xcfa at tuxfamily.org>

Hello Claude Bullin,

hopefully, you can English.

XCFA doesn't work probably with FreeDB-Support, because FreeDB.ORG is down.

Now, there are alternative servers. For example, gnudb.org.

I guess, that is necassary, to change the sourcecode of XCFA.

Do you will make changes.

Best Regards,
Carl-Clemens Ebinger (CCE)

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