Bug#992319: RM: nekobee -- RoQA, unmaintained, RC-buggy, dead-upstream, python2

Tobias Frost tobi at debian.org
Mon Oct 18 10:36:53 BST 2021

Control: reassign -1 ftp.debian.org
Control: severity -1 normal

Reassigning to make the RM happen, as announced three months ago.

On Tue, 17 Aug 2021 07:39:54 +0200 Tobias Frost <tobi at debian.org> wrote:
> Package: nekobee
> Severity: serious
> nekobee is currently RC buggy with 2 RC bugs, (one being a gcc 10 and one
> a python-removal-bug;  upstream seems dead as well with only a minor commit
> year.
> The Debian package has seen the last upload 5 years ago, and missed bullseye,
> so it looks unmaintained from here.
> I guess this software is EOL and should probably be removed from the archives.
> Dear maintainer,
> If you disagree, just close this bug.
> If you agree, please reassign this bug to ftp.d.o to make the RM happening.
> I will do the latter in exactly 3 months from now if there is no answer on
this bug.
> --  
> tobi

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