[debian-mysql] mysql-server-6.0 packaged yet?

Norbert Tretkowski norbert at tretkowski.de
Sun Dec 2 09:35:53 UTC 2007

Am Samstag, den 01.12.2007, 14:06 -0800 schrieb C.J. Adams-Collier:
> Is there a debian/ directory for mysql-server-6.0 yet?

No, not yet. I thought about it, but decided against it, because we are
already taking care of 5.0 and 5.1 at the moment.

> I'd like to build and install on different machines.  If not, maybe
> I'll see if I can tweak the mysql-server-5.0 version to fit the new
> branch.

Better start with the 5.1 branch.


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