[debian-mysql] mysqlmanager support

Christian Hammers ch at debian.org
Wed Dec 5 20:08:29 UTC 2007

On 2007-12-05 Randall Blecher wrote:
> I am interested in running multiple instances of MySQL 5.0 on a Debian 
> installation and heard that work was being done to update the Debian 
> MySQL startup scripts to allow mysqlmanager to be used instead of 
> mysqld_safe.  I am just curious of the status of these updated scripts 
> as I have not heard any news for a few months and a search for such 
> scripts has not turned up anything useful.

I fear there is no state :) As there was always enough more important
work to do nobody has even thought what would have be changed for
mysqlmanager to work and if upgrading an existent installation works fine.

Another reason was that I always tried to stay close to the upstream 
and they IIRC also kept on using mysqld_safe. That made me wonder if
mysqlmanager is not yet mature or maybe thought of as wrong approach 
and will soon be discontinued by mysql, too.

So much work for maybe a handful of people who actually use such a



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