[debian-mysql] community/enterprise naming split idea

Monty Taylor monty at inaugust.com
Tue Dec 18 14:21:57 UTC 2007

Hey guys,

I took a quick pass at renaming the packages from mysql-client-5.0 to
mysql-community-client-5.0 and then having them provide
mysql-client-5.0. I'm doing the same thing in the enterprise packages,
so I just wanted to try it out here.

I stuck it in a branch called community so you could check it out and
give me feedback. It will not hurt my feelings if you think it's a bad
idea in general. However,  I would like to do something with provides so
that not only can people who buy enterprise "upgrade" from community,
but also if they decide they didn't like the enterprise packages, I'd
like for them to be able to do the other way, too.



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