[debian-mysql] community/enterprise naming split idea

Monty Taylor monty at inaugust.com
Tue Dec 18 18:11:55 UTC 2007

sean finney wrote:
> or them to be able to do the other way, too.
> just to weigh in with my 0.02 $currency, i'd like to say that I dislike the 
> idea of anything that involves changing the names of the packages to 
> include "community".  for me it's something akin to salt on an open sore.

Yes... I actually agree with you here. (/me hates the ent/community
split concept as it is currently implemented - and in general)

> however, that said i do support the notion of being able to support going back 
> and forth between the two versions.  but wouldn't that be possible with some 
> added Provides/Conflicts/Replaces?  i.e. the mysql official packages could 
> Provides: mysql-enteprise-server-5.0
> Conflicts: mysql-community-server-5.0

AH YES! I like this better. I'll try this and see how it goes.

> and vice versa for debian.  i don't have the time/interest to check this 
> myself, but i imagine this (or something similar) would work without needing 
> to add additional metapackages or change package names.

Going to try it now...

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