[debian-mysql] Fw: What's up with restrictive licensing?

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Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 11:16:03 +0100
From: Stefan Hinz <stefan at mysql.com>
To: Justin Krueger <fuzzywoodlandcreature at gmail.com>
Cc: docs at mysql.com, ch at debian.org
Subject: Re: What's up with restrictive licensing?

Hi Justin,

> I, being a long-time Linux/UNIX user, tried doing what comes natural
> to me when I want to learn more about a program and ran 'man
> mysqldump' only to get a completely useless manual entry.
>        MySQL  decided to release the documentation, even the manpages, under a
>        license which does not allow Debian to redistribute it.  Feel  free  to
>        contact MySQL at <docs at mysql.com> if you would like to share your opin-
>        ion on the matter :)
> I understand a right and motivation to protect intellectual property,
> but I see no reason to make it restrictive enough (especially for
> software considered open source) that it becomes difficult for others
> to distribute documentation.  We're all friends here, what's the deal?
>  I realize I can just pop a browser open and find the documentation
> elsewhere, but I'm a geek and it should come with the software I
> install.

We've resolved those issues by putting the MySQL man pages under the
GPL. This means Debian will include them again in the next releases.


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