[debian-mysql] Bug#452558: Bug#452558: mysql-dfsg-5.0: mysql-test 'mysql_client_test' fails due to gcc 4.x optimizations

Norbert Tretkowski norbert at tretkowski.de
Mon Nov 26 23:06:15 UTC 2007

tags 452558 +fixed-upstream

Am Freitag, den 23.11.2007, 10:38 -0500 schrieb Mathias Gug:
> In Ubuntu, we've applied the attached patch to achieve the following:
>     - debian/patches/91_bug29389.dpatch:
>         fix for mysql bug 27383 which causes mysql-test 'mysql_client_test'
>         to fail due to gcc 4.x optimizations.
> We thought you might be interested in doing the same. 
> See http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=27383 for more information.

Thanks for the patch, I added it to our svn repository.


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