[debian-mysql] Bug#458798: Bug#458798: mysql-server-5.0: Problem with LSB header in init.d script

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Thu Jan 3 22:33:44 UTC 2008

[Monty Taylor]
> So, I have a question about dependency based boot sequencing. I need
> to split these into three packages - mysql-server, mysql-ndb and
> mysql-ndb-mgm (possibly with better names) because you don't
> necessarily want to run all three node types on a given
> machine. Then, the _real_ ordering is as you have said execpt that
> if, say, mysql-ndb-mgm isn't installed on a machine, it's ok for
> mysql-ndb and mysql to start without it...
> Will that work with this patch? Or will I need to make further

It will not work with the patch I proposed.  The required-* headers
are hard dependencies, and update-rc.d will fail if any service listed
in that header is missing at install time.  You want soft
dependencies, which are the should-* headers.  To quote a mail I wrote

  Script B listed in required-start of script A means that script B
  _must_ be started _before_ script A.  Script B listed in
  required-stop of script A means that script B _must_ be stopped
  _after_ script A.

  Script B listed in should-start of script A mean that scripp B
  _must, if present_, be started _before_ script A.  The optional part
  is that the system do not break down if it is missing.  If it is
  present, system started by script A does break down if it do not
  start before script B.  Similar for should-stop.

  X-start-before and X-stop-after are the reverse of should-start and
  should-stop.  Using x-start-before in script A listing script B is
  like having should-start in script B listing script A.

I hope it make it clearer.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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