[debian-mysql] [update] Severe? mysql 64bit bug

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Fri Jan 18 13:29:45 UTC 2008

hi again,

On Friday 18 January 2008 01:42:19 pm Eduard Boer wrote:
> SELECT S91,S91-1,S91-222,S91-223 FROM SPS;
> The result is:
> "1";"222";"221";"0";"A really big number"
>   it should be:
>   "1";"222";"221";"0";"-1"

i should clarify maybe: i'm not surprised that the unsignedness is maintained.  

without using any reference, i would have assumed that your "really big 
number" is some maximum unsigned value, though maybe it's ambiguous whether 
it should be the max unsigned tinyint value (255) or the max value of the 
standard unsigned integer (2^32-1 or similar).

care to do some digging through the mysql numerical datatype reference for 
us?  ;)

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