[debian-mysql] Bug#462265: dependency for libtemplate-html-perl is missing

Anders Henke anders.henke at 1und1.de
Wed Jan 23 14:41:15 UTC 2008

Package: mysql-server-5.0
Version: 5.0.45-5
Severity: normal

Issue appears on 5.0.45-5~bpo40 as well as 5.0.32-7etch4 ...

The package contains a perl script /usr/bin/ndb_size, who tries
to estimate the memory usage if a given database where put onto an ndb
cluster and creates a HTML report using 'use HTML::Template;'.

So some dependency to libhtml-template-perl were fine in order to ease the 
automated installation of the mysql-server-package for "any" case.
Yes, most people do live fine without this, but at least a 
"Suggests: libhtml-template-perl" were fine.



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