[debian-mysql] #538659: libmysqlclient-dev: missing Replaces: libmysqlclient15-dev (<< 5.1)

Norbert Tretkowski norbert at tretkowski.de
Tue Aug 4 07:33:43 UTC 2009

Am Sonntag, den 02.08.2009, 18:10 +0200 schrieb Christian Hammers:
> The question is why we chose to go with this transitional package
> instead of the usual Provides: + Replaces: + Conflicts: triple with
> which a package can be substituted. Does aptitude/dpkg like the
> transitional package variant more?

* Renamed libmysqlclient15-dev to libmysqlclient-dev but added an empty
  package libmysqlclient15-dev to ease the transition for packages with
  a versioned build-dep to libmysqlclient15-dev which is something that
  currently does not work with "Provides:".

That's your changelog entry from 5.1.21beta-1, I really don't know why
you decided to go this way. :-)


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