[debian-mysql] Bug#545751: Bug#545751:

Norbert Tretkowski norbert at tretkowski.de
Sun Sep 20 08:53:55 UTC 2009

reopen 545751

Am Sonntag, den 20.09.2009, 00:40 -0500 schrieb Ian Greenhoe:
> I just got bitten by this myself.
> I have to say that this *is* a bug -- a perfectly legal MySQL
> configuration file for 5.0 causes the 5.1 server to crash in such a way
> as to prevent the upgrade process from finishing.

We are not allowed to change files in /etc/ during an upgrade by policy,
so the only way to "fix" this is to abort the upgrade process when the
skip-bdb option is found in /etc and display an explanation.


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