[debian-mysql] Bug#512309: debian-sys-maint has insufficient permissions on MySQL 5.0

Thomas Gelf thomas at gelf.net
Thu Apr 12 21:05:47 UTC 2012

Well... that's amazing. The "this-is-not-a-bug"-answer for this bug
request has been posted within less than a day. After explaining WHY
this is should be considered an issue and some confirmations from other
people affected by this behaviour it took less than four years to
finally get the liberating "is-this-still-an-issue" reply.

Thank you, Nicholas. And no, it isn't an issue anymore - it has been
fixed in the meantime. Please note that this bug has been reported for
Debian Sarge, that's the one we have had once upon a time, long before
Lenny and even longer before Squeeze...

Thomas Gelf

Thomas Gelf <thomas at gelf.net>

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