[debian-mysql] mysql-5.1 or both mysql-5.5/1

Jonathan Aquilina eagles051387 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 06:07:10 UTC 2012

I know I am not part of the team to make this final decision, but this 
is how I feel about the situation.

This has a double edged sword given by the arguments below. A transition 
is going to have to happen at some point, and I think the biggest thing 
to consider is this. I had red some documentation, and 5.5 has had a 
bunch of performance enhancements done to the InnoDB engine. Also from 
some oracle devs that I have spoken to more performance enhancements are 
slated for 5.6.

I am running a number of ubuntu servers, and I am actually considering 
installing 5.5 which would be nice to have in the repositories and 
eventually in a down stream ubuntu release.

I think either way that is chosen, bugs are going to disappear and new 
ones will pop up which is an unavoidable inevitability.

My 2 cents

On 24/04/12 22:20, Nicholas Bamber wrote:
> Release team,
>     We are debating whether to
> a.) allow both mysql-5.1 and mysql-5.5 to go into wheezy
> or
> b.) whether to try and effect a transition to 5.5
> Arguments for b.)
> -----------------
> 1.) More effort (such as it is) is already going into mysql-5.5
> 2.) 5.1 will not be supported for much longer
> 3.) Being able to remove 5.1 will kill 4 RC bugs and save an 
> overworked team time
> 4.) The distinction between the major versions is becoming artificial. 
> [See comments from below]
> 5.) Consider the implications for Ubuntu etc.
> Arguments for a.)
> -----------------
> 1.) 5.1 has been in testing for a long time
> 2.) 5.5 has not yet been released to testing
> 3.) When it is released to testing RC bugs will doubtless pop up all 
> too late
> 4.) All the packages that depend on one of the libraries will have to 
> be transitioned
> 5.) Someone will have to kick off the translation effort.
> Your input would be appreciated.
> On 24/04/12 19:03, Clint Byrum wrote:
>> Excerpts from Olaf van der Spek's message of Tue Apr 24 02:35:39 
>> -0700 2012:
>>> On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 7:59 AM, Nicholas 
>>> Bamber<nicholas at periapt.co.uk>  wrote:
>>>> I don't approach 5.1 with any sort of relish. However I think we 
>>>> have a duty
>>>> to maintain it until the freeze as otherwise it will undermine 
>>>> Debian's
>>>> release cycle. Or at the very least we ought to check with the 
>>>> release team.
>>> What's the plan for next stable? 5.1? 5.5? Both?
>> I'd prefer to see MySQL 5.5 in wheezy, but if its too late for that
>> transition, then I suppose we can't get that done. It would be a shame,
>> because 5.5 is a much better release. As soon as MySQL 5.6 arrives,
>> Oracle will start the process of deprecating 5.1 and stop providing
>> security updates for it quite soon. They do not maintain 3 GA releases.
>>> Do you mean the source package would no longer be versioned or all the
>>> packages?
>> I mean the source package.
>> I find it very strange that it has been
>> mysql-dfsg-5.0
>> mysql-dfsg-5.1
>> mysql-5.1
>> mysql-5.5
>> When it really should just have been
>> mysql
>> This makes things like packages.qa.debian.org work in a weird way,
>> and also bugs in Ubuntu are source-package oriented so often bugs end
>> up affecting 4 or 5 source packages which is confusing and cumbersome
>> for no benefit that I can perceive.
>> The binary packages are, I think, named and versioned appropriately and
>> should remain that way.
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