[debian-mysql] mysql Debian/Ubuntu convergence

Nicholas Bamber nicholas at periapt.co.uk
Thu May 3 22:14:04 UTC 2012

On 03/05/12 19:43, Clint Byrum wrote:
> Indeed, its far more natural to sync from Debian to Ubuntu, and  thats the
> eventual goal. I hope to have the packages in sync at some point in the
> near future. Ideally that would be before wheezy freezes, but I have not
> seen the resolutoin of whether or not we can start that transition yet.
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	I am expecting to upload 5.5.23-1 tomorrow morning. After that I am 
really keen to get 5.5 into unstable for various reasons.

1.) Once we have done that there is nothing to stop us mass filing bugs 
against reverse dependencies.
2.) when that has been done a more serious momentum might develop.
3.) I would rather play with #590905 from the safety of experimental - 
at least at first.
4.) You'll then have less excuse to apply whatever stuff is unique to 
Ubuntu in Debian.

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