[debian-mysql] source package

Nicholas Bamber nicholas at periapt.co.uk
Fri May 4 21:46:05 UTC 2012

I am not entirely clear about the point of the mysql-source package. It 
surely just duplicates the upstream tarball. The long description does 
shed some light on it so I am not desperate to get rid of it.

However if we should keep it, it is totally rediculous that it is 
arch:any and not arch:all. We almost build it on more architectures than 
its popcorn rating. I know *why* it is arch:any. If you try to lockstep 
the versions of arch:all and an arch:any package from the same source 
then binNMU's cause difficulties and so lintian will complain. However 
that is solvable - for example libapache2-mod-perl2-dev shows the right 

So we should definitely either get rid of it or make it arch:all.

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