[debian-mysql] src:mysql-*: please consider using gcc-4.4 instead of gcc-4.5

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Sat May 5 17:44:04 UTC 2012

Nicholas Bamber dixit:

> 	Actually more specifically I don't see anywhere that mysql-5.5 (unlike
> mysql-5.1) is specifying the version for gcc.

Ah okay, so the workaround is no longer needed there. (I only looked
into 5.1 in more detail, as that's a build-dependency of php5, which
is needed to build waaaaay too much stuff in the archive…)

> So it should just pick up the
> available version.

Yes, indeed. (It is also only in experimental, so it does not concern
us yet.)

> And I cannot ping crest.debian.net so I would not be able to
> test any customizations.

Right. The currently only way is to run an Atari VM yourself:

Sorry about that, but some of the machines have hardware issues,
from what I’ve heard from the porters, and… well, lack of time
or manpower…

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