[debian-mysql] Bug#590905: fix coming up

Nicholas Bamber nicholas at periapt.co.uk
Thu May 17 23:34:14 UTC 2012

Looks like we'll be uploading a special fix for this.

(00:10:20) periapt: What do you guys want done about  673262 672824 
673263 672619 being blocked by 590905? That is do you want another 
upload of mysql-5.5 or localized fixes (for now).
(00:10:29) KiBi: http://release.debian.org/transitions/export/packages.yaml
(00:11:05) ***raphael thinks there should be a "no soname bumps, REJECT 
them" mode a-la transitions.yaml :)
(00:11:07) KiBi: periapt: I don't think I'll be able to comment on mysql 
this evening.
(00:11:09) periapt: I'll take the "This is what happens when you dump 
shit on us as read" if you take my profuse apologies as read. :-/
(00:11:23) mbiebl: KiBi: thanks a lot
(00:11:29) periapt: KiBi: I'll wait.
(00:12:23) KiBi: periapt: Hmm. I think this bug wants a fix, which 
should be quite easy?
(00:12:58) gusnan left the room (quit: Quit: Lämnar).
(00:13:15) periapt: Kibi. Can do. I was working round to it. I would 
appreciate a review of it before uploading.
(00:14:34) periapt: I mean I was expecting to fix it a long time after 
the freeze.
(00:15:13) KiBi: why delaying that fix, especially if packages are 
directly affected?
(00:15:25) KiBi: I'm not sure pushing a workaround in those packages in 
the way to go.
(00:15:57) periapt: KiBi: Well that's all water under the bridge. If you 
want a fix you'll get a fix.
(00:18:04) periapt: What procedure would you like me to follow at this 
(00:20:10) DeepDiver left the room (quit: Remote host closed the 
(00:28:18) periapt: Okay I'll do the following: 1.) Try to reproduce the 
bugs listed as being blocked by 590905 2.) Build 5.5.23-2-w1 3.) Test 
those packages against that. 4.) upload with high urgency.

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