[debian-mysql] Bug#675250: yes

Nicholas Bamber nicholas at periapt.co.uk
Wed May 30 20:50:14 UTC 2012

	Well I doubt the official piuparts would agree to that. (Though it is 
supposed to have such an option but it did not work for me.) However 
unless you are personally promising to own and fix all such bugs within 
a week of them being raised, then I suggest you need very good reasons 
against piuparts compliance.

	I do accept it is a change. We will need to do a proper release, like 
what we did not do for 5.5 and make sure people have no excuses. Also 
the current behaviour will still be an option.

On 30/05/12 21:36, Olaf van der Spek wrote:
> On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 10:28 PM, Nicholas Bamber
> <nicholas at periapt.co.uk>  wrote:
>> Secondly I really think we should bite the bull by the horns (or whatever
>> the phrase is)  and get mysql piuparts compliant. This will mean that
>> deleting the data will become the default consequence of a *purge*. I dread
>> the bug reports following on from that.
> I really think we should *not* do that.
> Can't we tell piuparts this part shouldn't be checked, like an override?

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