[debian-mysql] Comments regarding percona-xtrabackup_2.1.3-618-1_amd64.changes

Paul Richards Tagliamonte ftpmaster at ftp-master.debian.org
Fri Sep 6 00:05:36 UTC 2013

Howdy folks,

I quoth the lintian user manual::

    In some cases, the checked package does not have a bug or does not
   violate policy, but Lintian still reports an error or warning. This
   can have the following reasons:

     * Lintian has a bug itself,
     * a specific Lintian check is not smart enough to know about a
       special case allowed by policy, or
     * the policy does allow exceptions to some rule in general.

  (only in the last 2 cases may you override)

The things you've overriden are not bugs, not a special case, or not
a general exception :)

Please remove the overrides, they're quite valid, from what I can
gather (zlib *is* embedded (btw, have you notified the security team? :) ),
and your binaries don't have manpages)


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