[debian-mysql] MariaDB as release goal? (was Fwd: Reminder: Call for Jessie Release Goals)

Otto Kekäläinen otto at fsfe.org
Thu Sep 26 15:37:13 UTC 2013

Hello Keith,

I'ma CC:n the maintainers list to let others know about you too.

2013/9/26 Keith Lawson <Keith.Lawson at sjhc.london.on.ca>:
> Hello Otto,
> I've been following your quest to get MariaDB into Debian with great interest as we currently use MySQL on our production Debian servers and want to replace it with MariaDB to get out from under Oracle. Reading the call for release goals below I was thinking maybe your initiative would get some more attention if it were listed as a release goal for jessie? I would submit a proposal myself but I'm not familiar enough with what you've done so far to complete the "How to help" section and I'm not sure if this is an appropriate use of a release goal or not.
> Also as a side note if there's anything I can do to assist in packaging MariaDB I would be happy to help so it's available for our organization. I'm not a Debian developer but I'm an experience Linux sysadmin who's been using Debian since the mid 1990s. I've packaged a couple of Perl modules so I do have a tiny bit of packaging experience. At a bare minimum I'd be happy to pursue testing if you have any specific requirements there.
> Keith Lawson | Technical Analyst  - Linux administration
> Information Technology Services
> Serving the London and Regional Hospitals

I don't think MariaDB is big or complex enough to justify for a
release goal. However as a packaing effor we could use more hands!

See background at https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/MySQL/MariaDBPlan

If you can help testing today/tomorrow, please look at the folder
http://labs.seravo.fi/~otto/mariadb-repo/ and install/upgrade/remove
the new packages as they come out of the owen (you'll see they have a
timestamp of Sept 26th).
We don't have any automatic piuparts set up, so manual testing of
installing and removing and upgrading from mysql cousins is needed.

You can report your findings to the list, to me directly, or even push
improvements /merge requests to our git repo!


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