[debian-mysql] [RFC PATCH 0/9] MySQL 5.6 transition status

Robie Basak robie.basak at canonical.com
Wed Aug 13 17:03:42 UTC 2014

Current status as follows, with patches for review to follow. We
probably want to apply these all at once. If anybody has any comments or
objections in my general approach or in the details, please raise them
now; I'll push to Ubuntu when I'm ready otherwise.

Everything is ready, AFAICT, except for the following:

1. Upstream dep8 failures. This seems to be more an environment issue
than the tests themselves, and the test takes hours to run (and fail) so
I haven't had the time to look into this further. Akhil, have you made
any progress on this?

2. I'm currently running with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck, since the build
takes hours to run otherwise. I have no reason to think that these tests
will start failing, though, as I've made only packaging changes that
affect things post-build.

3. A dist-upgrade after applying these patches seems to want to cause
apt to remove mysql-server, instead of pulling in the mysql-server-5.6
dependency. I will try further, but any advice here would be
appreciated. Is it acceptable to require users to apt-get install
mysql-server directly to get the upgrade to go?

4. For Ubuntu only, I still need to check the upstart job and apport
hook a little better.

My debdiff that drops the common binary packages from src:mysql-5.5 will
follow - this would want to be applied at the same time as these patches
which add them to src:mysql-5.6.

Patches 1 through 4 are needed for Debian. 5, 6 and 9 are for Ubuntu
only. 7 is for the upstream dep8 test failure, and 8 is the Ubuntu
changelog entry that we can adapt for Debian, too.

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