[debian-mysql] Bug#732878: Add MariaDB as an alternative dependency

Otto Kekäläinen otto at seravo.fi
Fri Jan 17 16:33:13 UTC 2014

2013/12/30 Otto Kekäläinen <otto at seravo.fi>:
> We discussed this on the pkg-maint-mysql list and the recommended policy is now:
> All packages that at the moment depend directly on mysql-client should
> instead have something like:
> Depends: the-one-they-tested-with | virtual-mysql-client
> (or Suggests or Recommends)
> At the moment in unstable the packages mysql-server-5.5 and
> mariadb-server-5.5 have
> Provides: mysql-virtual-server
> and mysql-client-5-5 and mariadb-client-5.5 have
> Provides: mysql-virtual-client
> Later when other versions are uploaded to Debian (e.g. MySQL 5.6,
> MariaDB 10, Percona etc) they will include the same provides as long
> as they are compatible enough with MySQL 5.5 to be
> drop-in-replacements.
> Does this sound OK?

Just for the record, I've written down now this policy at
https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/MySQL/virtual-mysql-server and it is now
in effect as there was no other contersuggestions, and both the MySQL
packages and MariaDB packages in Debian already abide to this policy.

Otto Kekäläinen
+358 44 566 2204

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