[debian-mysql] Bug#736087: Bug#736087: mysql-5.5: Please install AppArmor profile on Debian too

intrigeri intrigeri at debian.org
Tue Jan 21 10:38:07 UTC 2014


Kristian Nielsen wrote (21 Jan 2014 09:18:05 GMT) :
> In my experience, there are a lot of problems with installing an apparmor
> profile by default for the MySQL server. This is from 4 years of experience
> maintaining MariaDB .deb packages.

Thank you for this very useful input. I want to contrast this with:

  * Ubuntu has been enabling the MySQL profile by default since 8.04
    LTS; perhaps we could ask them how much of a user support mess it

  * Debian does not enable AppArmor by default. So, only people who
    explicitly, and manually, enabled it themselves may be affected by
    any problems caused by the MySQL AppArmor profile. My assumption
    here is that these people are more knowledgeable about AppArmor,
    and its potential adverse effects, than the averable Ubuntu +
    MySQL user. In particular, I hope they would be able to 1.
    guess that a particular problem might be caused by AppArmor; 2.
    look at the system log to find out what exact action is blocked;
    and 3. add stuff to /etc/apparmor.d/local/.

What do you think?

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