[debian-mysql] Ubuntu 14.04 and libboost1.54-dev (but no 1.53!)

Otto Kekäläinen otto at seravo.fi
Thu Jan 30 20:05:53 UTC 2014

Hello James,

I noticed that current upstream MariaDB does not build in Ubuntu 14.04
correctly. The reason is that the oqgraph library in MariaDB needs
Boost version 1.42-1.53. Version 1.53 is available in Debian unstable
but for some reason Ubuntu 14.04 has only 1.54.

There is a huge change in libboost1.53-dev vs libboost1.54-dev and
there is no easy way to make MariaDB 5.5. compatible. MariaDB 10.0
uses oqgraph v3 so there it is fixed.

Related bug report, with links forward (including a pull request in my
previous MariaDB package version):

This is how I now fixed this, but it's ugly:

James, do you have any ideas for a cleaner solution? Nicer makefile
script or run-time applicable per distro verion patch, or..? Or is it
possible to get libboost1.53-dev into Ubuntu 14.04?

- Otto

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