[debian-mysql] libmysqld.a and libmysqld.so in Debian MariaDB and MySQL packages

Otto Kekäläinen otto at seravo.fi
Fri Jul 4 20:38:35 UTC 2014


I've been thinking about how to optimally include libmysqld.so in the
MariaDB packages.

Libmysqld is a embedded MySQL/MariaDB *server*, more details at

It seems that the MySQL 5.5 and 5.6 Debian packages only distribute it
as source (libmysqld.a in package libmysqld-dev), right?

The MariaDB project also distributes is a ready build binary, a shared
library with the name libmysqld.so which lives inside the package
libmariadbd-dev. The .a file is also in that same development package.

My question to you is now: what do you take is the correct package the
libmysqld.so shared library should live in?

When programs run stuff from libmysqld.so, it might actually require
stuff that lives inside the mysql-common and mariadb-server-core
packages. One option would be to put this libmysqld.so file iinside
the mariadb-server-core package, but then again having a shared
library inside such a package isn't maybe following the Debian policy
of having all shared libs in lib-something packages. Should I maybe
just create a libmariadbd package that depends on the
mariadb-server-core and contains only the .so file while the .a file
is in the libmariadbd-dev package?

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