[debian-mysql] Discussion on handling 5.6 related matters

Otto Kekäläinen otto at seravo.fi
Sun Jul 20 08:08:41 UTC 2014


2014-07-14 8:59 GMT+03:00 Akhil Mohan <akhil.mohan at oracle.com>:
> I was seeking agreement over draft implementation but it will be easier
> to finalise on Hangout!
> I am free Wed-Fri anytime before 5.00PM UTC. Please let me know when can
> this be done.

If you have such a meeting, I'd like to participate too. I read the
thread but I am not sure if I've understood what you settled on.

Please note that the package mysql-common already is a kind of
defaults package, as MariaDB depends on it and expects to get e.g.
my.cnf from it.
What you are creating now should be called 'mysql-server-defaults' as
it is meant for server defaults only.

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